Nico Bruchi, in art Löpez, was born in Volterra (in the heart of Tuscany) on 13/06/1984 and grows up in a Buddhist family. Meet the world of urban subcultures about 9 years old thanks to the passion for Aggressive Rollerblading and Skateboard.

“I watched the Americans PRO-Skaters make beautiful tricks in the videos and tried to reproduce them, together with my friends, taking care of the stylistic aspects: if there was’t fluidity (elegance) in performing them, there was’t even in observing them. It was very important for me that my tricks had style, because I knew it was just this aspect that would have had the right impact on the viewer and would have increased his desire to try, to deal with this expressive discipline, allowing it to be cataloged as something beautiful. 

This constant search amused me a lot.”

From that moment this kind of stylistic research of beauty will always characterize the artistic path of Löpez. Graduated at the State Institute of Art of Volterra in 2002, he continued his studies in Florence, first at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in the Course of Gymnastic Sciences, then at the Academy of Fine Arts, following the course of Decoration of the Prof Ludovici Vincenzo.

His expressive path begins already in primary schools, where the professor (and well-known artist) Sergio Borghesi, in his course of Artistic Education, opens the doors of the various artistic disciplines and techniques in Nico, which begins to draw with constancy and enthusiasm. Shortly, after the friendships growns in the world of skateboarding, Löpez bring to know some important Italian graffiti artists and he do lot of experiments with them and approaches spray techniques and wall design as a form of public expression and social revenge. It was 1998, he was 14 years old.

In 2003 he met the writing crew Elektro Domestik Force (EDFcrew) and became a member. It is at this very moment that Löpez's artistic career begins to assert itself in the art world, and its name to appear in the most relevant artistic events, especially linked to the world of graffiti art.

With EDFcrew he creates an innumerable series of wall paintings in Italy, France, Germany and Spain characterized by an original style developed thanks to a complex merge betwen the different technics and pittoric backgroud of each member of the group. Their journey originates from illegality (on the walls of the old madhouse of Volterra and the Piaggio factory in Pontedera) becomes “wall design” requested by interior designers, museums of contemporary art, as well as, obviously, like Urban Art.

In parallel to the artistic path, the members of EDFcrew give life to a more commercial path, through which they will realize several wall design works for famous discoteques, restaurants, private houses, schools, universities, prisons and museums in Italy. In 2007 together with some young friends from Volterra, he founded the Associazione Culturale Libera Espressione Creativa (LEC), a collective that from this moment will carry out many initiatives for the Volterra territory and for the young people of the city of Volterra and will become the most important youth association of the area. Nico will be president of the association from his birth until 2015.

With this association will captain revolutionary artistic / social projects, which will enlighten, enrich and change the lives of young Volterra’s people.

During university age, not only through academic channels, but also through new friendships and personal collaborations, Nico discovers video and photography. He is kidnapped by these new tools that he study everyday for many years until it becomes truly able like a PRO. He use this tools with the same refined concept of expression that is evident in all his works. It will be thanks to the video and the study of light that Nico will affirm and confirm his innate communication skills. Besides music videos and promotional videos, he creates many inspirational videos through which he tries to bring the public to reflect on different social issues. The results obtained through this eclectic and experimental communication path, led him to live many experiences, even international.

From 2012 he also began to use the lights as an expressive medium, starting his career as a light designer, creating many lighting installations, outdoor and indoor for villas, cities and festivals. 

Löpez remains an artist linked to the world of research and experimentation, especially in the social sphere, always relating to both the surrounding environment and his own interior environment. His expressive vision has always been free from classical disciplinary schemes due to the lack of interest in cataloging. It puts the idea at the center, after which, from time to time, based on it, thanks to its multifaceted capabilities, it chooses the most appropriate expressive techniques for its realization, in order to obtain the best aesthetic and conceptual result.

With the passing of the years the graffiti world has changed and from a niche phenomenon has become an increasingly popular phenomenon. In this evolution Lopez sees an opportunity to use wall painting as a means of spreading messages. Thus a real social art project was born, formalized in 2017 with the publication of the MANIFESTO OF SOCIAL ART. This manifesto wants to be a guide for the artist himself, for his collaborators or for anyone who intends to join the project, to make art become an instrument able to modify consciences and improve the lives of the people who come in contact with it.

Today Nico as a social artist, a colonizer of emotion wich uses painting, photography, video, performing art and his sensitivity to transcribe emotions and ideas into signs.